Terms and Conditions


Should your cat require veterinary treatment we have the right to see a veterinary surgeon to act on their behalf, the account being payable by the owner.

Veterinary cover is included in boarding fees (except pre-existing conditions) for conditions caused by the cattery.  Pre-existing conditions must be declared at time of booking.


Any animal suffering from an infectious disease, or any animal which is ill in any way which is detrimental to other boarders, will be refused admission.

All cats must have been inoculated against cat flu and feline enteritis. Initial vaccinations must be completed at least 7 days before arrival at the cattery.  Please note that if your cat has not been vaccinated before, it takes one month to fully complete the course and for your cat to fully protected. A valid vaccination certificate MUST be produced on arrival.

All charges must be paid in full before the cat/s are returned to their owner at the completion of boarding.  Charges commence from the day of arrival and include the day of departure, although a half day will be charged if booked accordingly.

Whilst every care and attention is paid to all cats staying with  us, owners leave them at their own risk.